Georgia Football: Full capacity expected for Georgia-Clemson

Bank of America Stadium will be at full capacity September 4th for Georgia-Clemson.

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper announced yesterday that he would be lifting COVID restrictions. Those restrictions include gathering limits, social distancing requirements in all settings, and the indoor mask mandate. This would mean that all stadiums in the state, including Bank of America Stadium where Georgia football will play Clemson, would have the ability to go back to full capacity.

Cooper said this about his decision to take this next step toward normalcy:

“We can take this step today because the science shows our focus on getting people vaccinated is working,” said Governor Cooper. “But to keep moving forward – and to make sure that we keep saving lives – more people need to get vaccinated.”

This is a great first step towards full capacity stadiums returning to college football. Having stadiums limited to 20-25 percent capacity last year was odd. One of the things that makes college football so great is the fans. The atmosphere that college football fans create makes the sport the best in the world. So it is a great thing that they could be back in full force in 2021.

One fanbase that could really benefit from this would be Georgia football fans. Not only do they pack their home stadium, but they also travel very well. Speaking of traveling, that is exactly what Georgia fans will be doing the first game of the season. Some haven’t been able to see their Bulldogs live in over a year, so expect a lot to show up. Especially for a marquee matchup with a team like Clemson.

Clemson fans underestimating Georgia football fans.

Foolishly, some don’t think Georgia football fans will travel to Charlotte. Namely, Barstool Clemson, according to this tweet:

If Clemson fans truly believe this they are in for a shock. Athens, Ga. is just three hours from Charlotte. There is reason to believe that stadium will be 60-65 percent filled with Georgia football fans. Bulldogs fans have been starved for the opportunity to see their boys play. They didn’t even get to pack the stadium for G Day. Bulldog Nation is not going to sit this game out against a rival after missing their Dawgs play for over a year. That just is not going to happen.

Georgia football fans will be there and they will be loud. This will not be a home game for the Clemson faithful, by a long shot.

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