Erik Ainge harboring sour grapes toward Georgia football QB

Former Georgia football rival, Erik Ainge, can’t stop talking about the Dawgs.

Apparently, former Tennessee quarterback Erik Ainge didn’t learn his lesson when it comes to talking about Georgia football. Back on November 1, 2022, he made his now famous tweet calling the environment between the hedges “overrated.” Georgia fans took that personally and broke the all-time decibel record achieved in Sanford Stadium while playing his Tennessee Volunteers.

Ainge was back at it on The Erik Ainge Show on Monday. Once again he targeted Georgia football in comments made in the third hour of his show. First, he starts by stating that no one outside of Georgia’s own fans will be pulling for them in the National Championship Game.

You’re going to have Georgia fans rooting for Georgia and you’re going to have the rest of the entire College Football World rooting for TCU.

Erik Ainge on The Eric Ainge Show

This really isn’t the flex he thinks it is as Georgia football fans have always had an “us against the world” mentality. They don’t care who is pulling for their team. They don’t care how many people are against them. They will show support for their team no matter what. They don’t what other people think. That is not why they root for Georgia.

However, Ainge doesn’t stop there, he goes on to say this about Stetson Bennett:

You know who I can’t stand though? Stetson Bennett. It was cute when he first got to play and played pretty good. And now the whole like I’m a walk-on, I’m a JUCO transfer, he’s like 28-3 as a starter at Georgia, or something like that. I’m cheering hard against him. I want Georgia not to just lose the game I don’t want them to lose with Stetson Bennett throwing 4 touchdowns. I want Stetson Bennett to throw 4 picks and cost his team a championship. He’s such a punk.

Erik Ainge on The Eric Ainge Show

Let’s take a look at Ainge’s and Bennett’s career numbers side by side:

QuarterbacksCmpAttPctYardsY/ATDINTQB Rating
Stetson Bennett58389964.881249.06221158.8
Erik Ainge733121060.687007.27235134.8

Well, I’m sure stats don’t tell the whole story so let’s look at each quarterback’s accomplishments.

Erik Ainge

  • 2004 Freshman All-America
  • 2004 SEC Offensive Freshman of the Year
  • 2004 Freshman All-SEC Coaches’
  • 2005 Academic All-SEC
  • 2008 Outback Bowl MVP

Stetson Bennett

  • 2021 Capital One Orange Bowl Offensive MVP
  • 2021 CFP Championship Game Offensive MVP
  • 2021 National Champion
  • 2022 All-SEC Second Team Coaches’
  • 2022 Burlsworth Trophy Winner
  • 2022 Heisman Trophy Finalist
  • 2022 SEC Championship MVP
  • 2022 Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl MVP

As you can see, his comments come off as pure sour grapes. Nothing else would make him say such venomous things about such a beloved College Football player. How could someone come to hate a guy that has worked himself from a 2-star walk-on to National Champion to Heisman Finalist? Not to mention, what has Bennett ever done to Ainge for him to come him a “punk?”

It could not be more clear that all of this emotion is from nowhere else than pure jealousy and envy. Bennett is accomplishing more than some feel a former walk-on should accomplish and Ainge can’t stand it because he didn’t accomplish anything close to it. In fact, Ainge closed out his College Football career just 1-1 in bowl games compared to Bennett being 3-0.

Let it all out Erik, you’ve already been wrong about Georgia football once this season, why not go for two? Just don’t let that mouth of yours write any checks your butt can’t cash. Sure would be a shame if you have to write out another insincere apology. However, this time, instead of being a meaningless tweet, how about you get up and give Bennett an apology in person?

Either way, it won’t change a thing. Bennett’s hard work has paid off for him and he has all the right in the world to go out and enjoy it. Wishing that Georgia football would not only lose but lose because of him shows it is eating you alive to see him succeed. That is just the saddest and most pathetic way for a grown man to feel about a guy just out there living his dream.

11 thoughts on “Erik Ainge harboring sour grapes toward Georgia football QB

    1. Click on The Eric Ainge Show link in the article. Go to the 3rd hour. It’s towards the end when he’s talking about the CFP games.


  1. Definitely two different types of offense. I know this was some years prior but TN is still Peyton Manning offense where he had a record of 39-6 (Erik’s freshman season – he threw for 2 more touchdowns then Peyton). The oft injured Ainge does not show a record except for stats at Tennessee and shows no stats or record for NY. Jets except for suspensions for steriod and other substance abuse. The Vols record from 2004-2007 = 34-17. Although the Vols beat the Bulldogs 3 of the 4 meetings, the Bulldogs were 40-11. Since 2000, the Bulldogs versus the Vols have gone to the Bulldogs 17 times over 6 losses.

    So raw stats aside Erik, what else do you want to discuss? I would rather you had go into baseball with your 90 mile an hour fastball and kept your mouth shut.

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  2. Well some just want to hate anyone, that has worked hard, earned respect and has 1 NCAA championship. Even if Ga does get beat by TCU, and very possible. Stetson looks at it like this, Ainge only knows Win or Lose, Stetson either Wins or Learns and will be such a good Sport about it.


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