Emperor Kirby Smart Fully Unleashed Georgia Football

After Georgia Football destroyed TCU, Kirby Smart takes the rightful place as Emperor of College Football

After the most dominating performance ever seen in a National Championship Game, Georgia football has now won back-to-back titles. There hasn’t been a more dominating performance against an opponent since Grand Moff Tarkin ordered the Death Star to fire on Alderaan. That is exactly how this game felt.

Since 2018, when Kirby Smart put together his first No. 1 recruiting class, he has been building his Death Star. In 2021, he showed the rest of the College Football universe what he was capable of building. However, that was just the tip of the iceberg for the Empire Smart was establishing.

Smart unleashed the full power of his Georgia football program on an unsuspecting TCU for the entire College Football universe to see. After the destructive force of Smart’s program hit TCU, there was nothing but Horned Frog fragments floating around SoFi Stadium. Only this time there would be no Rebel forces to rise up and avenge them. All was lost.

This game was a message to all of College Football. Georgia football isn’t going anywhere. They don’t rebuild, they reload. Emperor Smart’s Empire is here to stay. Resistance is futile. Comply or be obliterated. This machine is just getting started, and any opposition will be dealt with using the full capacity of Smart’s Death Star.

Emperor Smart isn’t stopping after this latest victory, either. He already has another elite list of recruits ready to join the ranks of his Empire in 2023. Georgia football is currently ranked No. 2 on 247 Sports’ Composite Team Rankings for the 2023 recruiting class. However, that wasn’t enough for Emperor Smart. He also went out and recruited two elite soldiers for his air attack, Rara Thomas and Dominick Lovett. Will this complete the troop build-up for 2023? That is yet to be seen.

Let us also not forget the young soldiers from 2022 going into their second season. They will be back with battle experience and another full off season with Staff Sergeant Scott Sinclair. These pups will be battle-tested and conditioned for the new war that will be the 2023 season.

Teams can try their best to take down this new Empire that Emperor Smart has built. However, they will have to contend with his elite defensive prowess in order to do it. When it comes to defense, no one does it better than Emperor Smart. When asked what he had to say to those that would come against him and his Empire, Smart had this to say.

Oh, I’m afraid the deflector shield will be quite operational when your friends arrive.”

There you have it, Emperor Smart’s Empire is here for the long haul. Guarded by his Death Star, he will push on through 2023 and beyond, conquering all those College Football Rebel Forces that dare stand in his way. It is Smart’s universe now, you don’t have to like it, but there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it.

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